We have a varied and skillful team at Glencairn Medical Practice who work together to fulfil the needs of a growing community.

At present we have 4 GP Partners, 2 Advanced Nurse Nurses Practitioners and a Practice Nurse who are assisted by Healthcare Assistants and Phlebotomists.

As Glencairn Medical Practice is a training practice, we may also from time to time have several GP Registrars who are working hard to learn the skills, and what it takes to be a Doctor within General Practice.

The Practice is supported by Surgery Supervisors, an IT Officer and ten Administrative staff who also undertake receptionist, secretarial, record managment, dispensing and various other tasks.

In addition the Practice has a full time attached nursing service comprising of District Nursing staff and Health Visiting staff.
Community Midwives, Podiatrists, Dieticians and CPNs also hold regular clinics within the Practice.

Training Practice – GP Registrars

A GP Registrar is a fully qualified doctor, typically with several years hospital experience, who is preparing to enter General Practice, working in a Practice for six months to a year before moving on to a permanent post.
A Registrar attached to the practice operates as one of the GPs, but under the supervision and guidance of one of the Partners.
You may be offered an appointment with, or a home visit from, a GP Registrar. As part of the training process, consultations with a GP Registrar may be video recorded.
This will only be done with your prior consent and you have the right to decline.